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My New Favourite Backpack - Cote et Ciel Nile REVIEW

Cote et Ciel (styled côte\u0026ciel) are a Parisian carry goods manufacturer with futuristic and unconventional styles in mind. Almost all their bags are uniquely-shaped and avoid busy-looking external features in favour of sleek finishes. We're looking at the Nile, their thiccest boi with huge carrying capactity and super-cool twisted design, in their popular obsidian water-resistant material.


côte\u0026ciel Nile (Black Obsidian):
All côte\u0026ciel backpacks:

côte\u0026ciel on END:

Thanks to côte\u0026ciel for sending the bag so I could create this video!

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Luthor Viks : The bag looks perfect with the Alpine jacket
Eugene Chan : go search Catsstac on taobao i feel like their clothing is promising by design and materials used i think I'mma cope one of them
Jenn Furr : What WOULD you recommend for a quick access bag? Orbit gear?
Jed Edwards : I have a Cote & Ciel Meuse and it's probably the least comfortable in my 25+ backpack collection. The materials used are lovely but the design is really impractical for actually carrying my daily stuff.

Also it's pronounced 'coat ay see-ell' to an English tongue.
0b00000111 : Never seen this bag and brand before, but it does look like fire. But then again I'm still using a 10 year old Chrome Berlin lol

The Cote&Ciel Isar Rucksack

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The sculptural Isar Rucksack is as functional as it is beguiling. The iconic architectural form flows from an ergonomic design concept, resulting in an intriguing silhouette that’s both practical yet beautifully alien. The body of the rucksack is made from a black mélange EcoYarn - a durable fabric developed through sustainable processes, complimented by a discreet grey interior and black metallic trims. The Isar EcoYarn includes an integral padded laptop pocket for up to 15” devices.
Domenico Caterino : Awesome bag. Might consider getting this one as I'm looking for a new backpack, my only concern is how it looks like when the duffel compartment is filled at a point in which the flap won't compress to the side anymore and will just stick out. Is that a possible scenario?
JelloG : I didn't know The Emperor was one of your models too.
Milos Stojic : This backpack its quite heavy. It has approx 4kg weight while its empty. I've read so many reviews and suprisingly no one ever pointed out this. When I take the same amount of stuff and load back my Herschel, I feel freedom on my back honestly.
A Rijkse : Great review, very detailed. You seem to be a conscious consumer wearing patagonia and nudie jeans.
raksh9 : Cote&Ciel have great looking designs and build quality, but I'm just not sold on their practicality. I have three of their bags, and they are either too heavy even when unloaded (Spree laptop messenger) and/or the strap is too thin for comfort (Riss obsidian). Shoulder bags really ought to have wide straps; Incase (also sold by Rushfaster) gets this right.

Cote&Ciel Isar M EcoYarn Grey Review (2 Weeks of Use)

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Hans. : Will there be a minaal 3.0 review?
kitten is a cat : I love Pack Hacker so much, me and my brother always binge watch your videos, thank you for your great work guys!!!
John Holst : Looks like a simplified version of the Cycop Daypac. Even the same type of access problem to the laptop compartment.
최민석 : is it that heavy?
M Chan : Thanks for the comparison at the beginning with Rebecca wearing the pack- super useful.




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