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11 Years Later ~ Panasonic Lumix GH1: Mini-Review 2020

Had some fun testing out this little nostalgic Camera from 2009. I have had experience with a few Lumix cameras e.g. GH2, G7, G85, GH5 and now this. It can be a nice backup addition to the camera family ;). For Audio, the Rode mics/External Recorder would be my choice. What are your thoughts?

0:00 - Intro
1:23 - GH1 Specs
1:52 - Body Features
3:14 - GH1 \u0026 Canon M50 HD Video Comparison
4:56 - RAW PHOTO Samples
5:24 - VIDEO Samples
6:54 - GH1 + B4 TV Lens Video Test
7:29 - Conclusion

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Teddy Rockwell : I was able to get my hands on one for about $130 on ebay, which I should be getting by monday. I'm new to videography but heard that this camera was great for entry level. This video was by far amazing for helping me decide to pull the trigger. Definitely going to be looking for the hack tutorial if you ever decide on doing one.
Ace Hardy :
Moments in Italy : I read that GH2 has a Mjpeg hack now...
Wilson Cortez Ribeiro : Great quality, Zeek! Really amazing. Your surname could be Touch of Midas
phaseiiiii : Hey Zeek. Would love to see a video on the firmware hack for the gh1. I was luck enough to pick on up with only 1100 shutter count. So far love the camera. Thanks. Keep it up!
Beyond Human Vision : The GH1 footage looks great!
David Morrah : I've owned a GH2, a G7, G85 and now a GH5s. I do like your photos and video from the GH1. Definitely has a retro look. Tried hacking my GH2 but it only made it freeze when I hacked it. So does the GH1 only record in 1080i and 720p - is that right?
beau danner : There you go again.... Exploding the used camera market
Dadson anand : Awesome brother!
Robo Coon TV : I still use the GH2 which still has a surprisingly nice image

LUMIX GH1: Celebrating the Legacy of This Lovely Golden Camera

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 was the second MFT camera introduced under the MFT design standard and the first MFT camera to include HD video recording capability.

I'm a hybrid-style shooter with a love of photography but a heavy emphasis on cinematic video. My opinions are based on a 10+ year career of producing video content professionally but that doesn't mean my suggestions are always right for every production or individual. There's plenty of room to disagree and approach projects from a variety of different perspectives.

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Bruno Vieira : I have one gh1 gold too, the video and image quality was very nice, the flip screen was so great. I still use it, is so light compare to the new models. Most of the price was for the great lens 14-140mm , I got mine with discount. Fun fact is that my gx9 dont have a mic port and a flip screen, gh5 become a bit heavy and expensive, g9 seems a better balance but the small size and the color (now everything is black, nothing is personal) was lost.
Sound Speed! : Started out on the GH1 (got two even), the GH1 will always hold a special place in my heart!
Thau Kyun Ho : I got a red GH1, I still remember when I used it for one of my job many years ago, my client(Nikon user) question my professionality coz of my small camera w fancy color.
Artur : I just bought a GH1 for like 60 bucks on ebay and its in such a good condition. Crazy!
Tous Ensemble : Remember the buzz of gh2 in a famous shootout: gh2 was so closed with the pro cams :)
Alan Tutt : I guess you could say Panasonic set the gold standard with the GH line of cameras.
Leonid Putilov : Still love my gh2
Camilo Pineda : I have mine and it still works. I used it three years ago as a D-Cam on an event shoot. Hacked it was incredible at the time. Helped me build my business. I was also using the GF1 at the time as my travel stills camera. You are right that these cameras created the hybrid world we are in today.
Dave's Nature Productions : I started using GH cameras with the GH4 and didn't really know about the GH line until then. I was previously using Canon DSLRs from the 400D, 500D and 600D and was getting interested in taking videos but the 600D, while it can do video, its pretty poor in terms of image quality and lack of autofocus, which is a bit ironic in saying that and switching to a Panasonic GH camera with poor video AF. At the time I was looking for new camera to replace my 600D. I am primarily a wildlife, landscape and old building photographer and wanted to take wildlife/documentary style videos and had a Canon HF G30 camcorder which I found had poor video quality. Some people recommend a Sony A7 since it had a full frame sensor and I could use it in low light and get good video. However, it was just a little over my budget, especially adding lenses.

I did some more research I saw the GH4. At the time I was initially concerned about the sensor size and what the video noise would be like on smaller sensor but figuring it was in my budget and I could get at least one lens as a starting point, I got one with the Panasonic 12-35mm lens. Used that for quite a while and since I had a Atomos Ninja 2 at the time, I got V-Log L and used it with the 10-bit 422 output to get 1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 video. I also got several more lenses and when the GH5 came out, I bought it on launch and replaced my Panasonic 12-35 and 30mm macro lenses with a Olympus 12-40 and 60mm macro lenses which I always wanted, but decided against with the GH4 since it didn't have IBIS but the GH5 does.

I have been using my GH5 as my primary camera since and I still think the video quality holds up well today as does the photo quality but it did take me a while to find SD cards that worked with the 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 400Mbps codec on the GH5 firmware update that didn't stop recording, but I use Prograde digital UHS-II V90 cards and only had one issue with getting one that was faulty and they replaced for me and they have worked great since. Although if the upcoming S5 turns out to be a better GH5 with a full frame sensor, when I can afford it, I may upgrade to it in the future.

Looking back on the gold or red option of the GH1 you mentioned, I don't know why camera and lens manufactures mostly make black camera bodies and lenses (I know there are exceptions), as I assume that doesn't help them stay cooler like white or light grey would.
ruffdraft : Does your GH1 still work. I am looking at the Panasonic gh5s

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1

Shop at B\u0026H:
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 was the first m4/3 with HD video... But there's more...
Ellen-Rose Calvert : Help please! I'm away from home with GH1. I am wanting to do some video of grand kids! Every timeI press "record" a message comes up stating "NO ADDITIONAL SELECTIONS CAN BE MADE"! Any advice as to clear & allow meto record?




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